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Siberians have low dander levels that make them a good 

choice for most Allergy Suffers

We have kittens from

Points of Interest and the Land Before Time litters Available.

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Our kittens are raised under foot.  Our kittens go home at 12 weeks. They are adopted with a contract stating they
will not be declawed or be an outside cat. 

We do a two hour Kitten Care and Testing Class for all of our adoptive families. This helps insure that families are
prepared to care for the needs of their new forever family member.  Even experienced cat owners have come away from
this class saying they have learned things about caring for a cat that they did not know.

Kitails is a TICA registered,
home based, Siberian cattery
in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

Kitails Kittens

Painted Kitten

Life of a Breeder

In order for any breed of domestic animals to remain beautiful, true to it's structure, healthy, and without defect, the breeders have be willing to maintain this in all catteries. Selling or trading unfit animals does the animals nor the buyers any good. In turn it will do no good for the people who adore them and want to have them as pets/show/breeder. We should all insist that those who breed live up to these responsibilities. Do not let others destroy any breed, in order to attempt to get ahead at the animal or someone elses exspense.

Breeding is not easy. Rescues think you add to problems of animal abandonment when it is mostly owners that abandon their animals not breeders. 
When adoptive families are not willing to continue the care of their adopted animals, the breeder is often expected to care for their animal by taking it back when the animal is not their resonsiblity. Adopting a pet is for the entire life of that pet.
Breeding is a lot of work and breeders often get little respect for all that work.
Breeding is expensive and you may not make much of a profit but, go into a lot of debt. Monies made will barely cover your food bills at times. People will gripe about the cost of a kitten and expect you to spend a lot of money on health care, so they can get a perfectly healthy kitten. It is frustrating at times. It is a lot of dirty work and may destroy some of your property and make your house stink. You can get scared up from scratches. It is time consuming and will tie you down every day with work. There are no days off as breeder. The animals need daily care and will sometimes keep you up all night and running to the vet for emergency and other care. You will need genetic knowledge, medical knowledge, animal care knowledge, and salesman ship skills. You will have to test people for allergies, answer tons of emails, and have your phone ring off the hook. You will work all hours of every day. Not to mention building a web site, maintaining it, keeping books for tax purposes, filling out forms, dealing with those who are trying to scam you or waste your time. There are blue papers, pedigrees, and cattery registrations to pay for. People like to buy kitten from show lines, so there more money going out to get the titles, along with the risk of bringing something home from the show. You will need a contract drawn up. Your breeding cats will need testing for various diseases and yearly check-ups. There are yearly shots due for them and sometimes they will die in labor or from some other illness. You will watch a kitten die every now and then. You will spend money trying to help any sick or injured kittens. People will expect you to be totally honest with them about the health of a kitten while some may not be so honest with you about various things. You may have kittens returned to you and monies to refund or court cases to pursue. There is grooming: brushing, teeth, and nails.

 Lastly a situation with a breeder can turn bad. If you place your kitten with them and they don't take care of them you will feel horribly guilty for trusting them to begin with. What if their breeding program turns into a kitten mill?

People say they value their animals but, when it comes to spending money to buy them, most want to get away with as little money as possible. The reality is that breeders do not have enough money for basic care because people want cheap pets that cost a LOT of MONEY to raise. In order for a breeder to survive and breed, most work two jobs!!! They breed and work another job. One job to support themselves and the cats with, the breeding money also going to support the cats. Most breeders will never make any money for all their hard work.

A typical kitten should cost around $3-4,000.  This would give a breeder enough money for medical care, food, cat litter, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, maintance of cat scratches, toys, show money, money for registration papers, ect. This would give us, breeders working one job and having more time for cat duties and healthier kittens. It would also cut down on the amount of kitten mills and animals bought and thrown away. 

In the U.S.A. right now there are 5 animals to every one man, women, and child. People don't always have a true commitment to their pets. Breeders are blamed for the FACT that owners do not keep and take care of their pets for life. If you don't breed and place kittens responsibly you will ad to throw away kittens and cats and the death of some because owners may not follow through and take care of them. They will leave their responsiblity on someone else's shoulders, with the animal  paying the price-  life in a shelter- often leading to its death.


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