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Grooming Cleaning Supplies
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Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

                                                                     Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance.

Cleaning Supplies

*All cats should take Co Enzyme Q-10 to rid them of the toxins they may encounter from cleaning fluids and other chemicals. It comes in a powdered capsule form. The capsule can be opened and placed in the canned food.

*If accidents do happen do not use harsh chemicals to clean your floors. These chemicals can lead to liver damage. Some common cleaners may be hazardous to small children and pets. Read the label carefully before using any cleaning product, especially floor cleaners. Not all cleaners will tell you that they are toxic though.

*Bleach is often used in catteries as it kills many viruses. Vineagar, peroxide, and water make a good cleaner that is non-toxic to cats. An ozone machine is good for times when there is an over growth of a pathogen, but must not be used with animals or people in the room. Vineagar, peroxide, ozone, and Chrisal probiotic cleaner will kill bacteria, mold, and fungus.

*If you think your pet has been poisoned by a houshold chemical call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 (888-4ANIHELP)

*What is Toxic to Cats?

 *Petzyme, and other oder cleaning products like them, have an enzyme action that kills the smell so your kittie doesn't smell where the accident was and repeat going there. If the accident occurs on clothing, fill the wash tub and soak clothing in Petzyme like product before washing. This will remove any smell from clothing.

*To clean up any accidents your kitten/cat may have you can use your regular cleaner and then spray an oder removing product on the area. Most of the oder removers have an enyme in them that will eat away orders that humans can't smell, but cats can smell.


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