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Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

                                                  Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance

Great Cat Food  Recipe

If, want to increase the ingredients and make more, you can then put some in baggies and freeze it for later use.

4-6 pieces of Boiled boneless chicken or minced chicken

and/or fish (about 2lbs)

Chop the chicken up with blender or kitchen scissors and put chicken and eggs in containers

12 eggs cooked anyway you want. They can be boiled in with the chicken

(do not add milk- Cats are lactose intolerant) The egg is for fur that is soft and does not shed a lot.

A 1/4 bag of quick cooking rice

Rice can also be cooked in the chicken water

Freeze chicken, eggs, and in containers

Make the mixture below ahead of time and add it to the food when you are ready to feed:

1 scoop taurine

1 scoops of Doc Roys Daily Feline Care with the Tummy Works probiotics, added to it.

(I mix half a small container of Tummy Works probiotics into each new container of Doc Roys Daily Feline Care.)

1 scoop of Colostrum- This can be put into a bowl with Goatalac (from Revival and mixed with water to make cat milk.

1 scoops of Goatalac -This can be put into a bowl with Colostrum and mixed with water to make cat milk

1 scoop of  Pure Taruine-This a meat bi-product that is essential for cats. They will go blind, have heart disease, and kidney failure without enough of it in their diet.

There are many vegetables and fruits that can be added like;

Broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, oats, parsley, blueberries, cranberries, lemon, pumpkin (kills some parasites/has Omega fatty acids), squash, sweet potato, buckwheat (has Protein in it), quinoa, tapioca, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, omega fatty acids, chick peas (a pre-bitoic), parsley (cleans the liver, oregano (anti-biotic properties). Please careful with carbohydrates. They can cause tooth decay and diabeties. Do your research before added anything.

Treats for cats are Yogurt, cheese, fish chicken.

Our cats get yogurt all the time. If you need to give them meds, these can be finely crushed and mixed into the yogurt.

Other snacks can be fruit Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Mango, Pears, Pineapples

* Cats/kittens need vitamins to stay healthy like humans that s why they eat fruits and vegetables.

I like Dr Roys Daily Feline Care

Garlic (a natural anti-biotic) most say that is should not be given to cats as it can causes an anemic blood disorder in cats. Although some have written articles stating that a huge amount of garlic would have to be given in order to cause this disease. Some say that even prepared store bought cat foods have garlic in them on a regular basis.

Meat is essential to a cats diet.  In the wild cats eat many plants, along with small animals. 

 For most people food is the first thought when getting a new pet. I like to feed my adult Siberians at night because cats are nocturnal and it is the time when they would naturally be hunting for food.

 *You can leave out dry food and fresh water at all times. Dry food keeps blood surgars from dropping and water to keep the kidney and body hydrated.

 *Many people recommend a raw diet for Siberians. I happen to be one of those people that disagree with raw food (raw meat). I feel that raw food is filled with bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. If, you would like an all meat diet, it should be cooked.

*You must be very careful in choosing a commercially prepared food for your pet. Many pet foods contain things that can be harmful to your pet and can make them sick. The pet food industry is not well regulated and at times uses what is not fit for human consumption. Many dry foods contain mold that causes the immune system to not work and therefore disease takes hold easier.

  *10 mg. of co-enzyme Q10 can be mixed in with a can of cat food also. This a natural anti-oxidant for people and cats (dogs).

*Omega fatty acids will keep your cats coat not only soft but, this will make your cat shed less and have less matting. It is also good for their heart and immune system. Omega fatty acids are found in soy protien, eggs, pumpkin, ect. Pumpkin also contain cholesterol so, you may not want to give this every day. As a side benifit, pumpkin kills certain parasites.

*Although Siberians like to play in the drinking water :) they will also drink it when thirsty, so make sure it is available at all times.

*Using filtered water is best for your cat because water also carries parasites along with other contaminates. If water is left sitting it can and will grow bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Make sure you change the water (using a clean bowl) EVERY DAY. If water is not changed you could be putting your kittie and yourself in a dangerous situation. Dirty water can grow Giardia (a parasite that can be deadly to kittens/cats and humans). Goldenseal is an herb traditionally used to kill it. Goldenseal can mixed in with the canned food. Your vet also has medication to kill Giardia There is a vaccination for it. You can discuss this with your vet. Dirty water will still be unhealthy for your pet.

*You can keep your cat healty and cleanse their kidney and liver by mixing 1/2 Parsely (for the liver) and 1/2 Cranberry (for the kidney) and lemon (for the liver) juice. Put 1-4 table spoons in the water.

*Do not give your cat/kitten milk. Cats are lactose intolerant.

*Vineagar kills many: fungus, mold, bacteria, virus, parasites, and fleas. When you add vineagar to your cats diet, any flea that bites them will die. It can also be used to wash floors and bedding if, you have an infestation in your house. (If, you have flease you probably have tape worms.)

  *What is Toxic to Cats?

For centuries people fed their animals table scraps and pets. These days commerical pet food companies supply pet food from what is often the animal carcasses that are unfit for humans. There are known as 4D and 3D foods-dead dying, diseased, and disabled.

How to report a pet food problem

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