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Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

                                                                     Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance.

Pet Insurance

Tru Panion has a taken home day policy if your vet is signed up for it.

Ask your vet to sign up for this, so you will have the benefit

of insurance on the very first day of bringing home your new pet.

This is a big area of discussion, but I will give you some basic knowledge.

*These are the biggest health issues with kitten/cats: Viruses, Parasites, Heart, and Kidney problems.


*Kittens/cats are very susceptible to viruses. Kittens are given Distemper shots between 6-9 weeks, 8-12 weeks, and 12-16 weeks. chlamydia,  A distemper shot usually includes; Chla Distemper shots are given to boost the kitten/cat's immune system against certain viruses. They are not like vaccinations that you get as a child that prevent disease. Distemper shot only boost the immune system, so that if there is exposure to a certain viruses they may not get that deadly virus.  Some of these viruses can remain in the environment for up to thirteen months with no known way of killing it except with bleach or A-33 Dry. Shots can destroy the immune system instead of boosting it. There is much discusssion in the veterinary field, right now, as to the actual benefit of using these vaccines. At the moment they are required by law. Some vets will only give one shot during an animal's entire life span because of their negative impact and the little health benefit to the animals. Without these shots your cat is in danger of contracting them and will have no anti-bodies from the shots to fight the virus.

*Rabies shot must be given yearly in Mass., as in most states even if it the pet is indoors only. It is the law. There are new vaccines that cover your pet for rabies for more than one year. The first Rabies shot is needed between 13-16 weeks.

*FeLV and FIV and F.I P

These are not part of the distemper shots. These viruses do break down the cats immune system though. A cat can carry a virus for many years before its effects are seen.



*F.I.P. : Is a virus that will kill a kitten in anywhere from five weeks old up to two years.

*Many people do not want their cat/kittens to have FIP vaccines because some it can cause FIP.

*If you are interested in a FeLV, FIV, or FIP positive kittie try this site:


*An ozone machine may prove to be VERY helpful in killing off virus, bacteria, mold, and fungus in your home, cattery, or animal shelter. It may be easier and less toxic than bleach. Please make sure you or your pet do not breath in ozone as it can be toxic if, not usroperly.

*An ionizer will kill germs because it cleans the air and makes it like the air outside. Thie is done by making a positiive charge in the air.


* Virastop by Enzymedica will help with viruses

*Side Effects of Viruses

*Viruses cause damage to the body and thie results in bacterial infections. Bacterial infections will show up as whit, green or yellow mucus in the eyes and nose.

There are some natural anti-biotics.

*Garlic is one. In the past it was thought that garlic Should Not be used as it can give a cat an Anemic Disease. New publications suggest that garlic would have to be given in LARGE amounts before it did any harm. Only Natural Pets has published an article on this subject and has garlic products for pets- including cats.

*More natrual anti-biotics for cats are: Grapefruit Seed Extract, Yellow Dock, Burdock (for those who breed cats, a Pyametra can be stopped using these 3 anti-biotics together). Goldenseal and Cranberry are two more natural antibiotics. Cranberry will help keep the urniary tract free of bacteria.

*Cranberry is even more important if you have a male cat as a male cat can get a tract infection that causes crystals to form This may result in your male dieing within days because the crystals will block his urinary passage. Any male that stops urinating should be see by a vet IMMEDIATELY. (For those who breed, Cranberry is good to give to help the kidney during a pyametra).

*Good bacteria for the stomach, like All Flora, will make the immune system respond to infections.

*The following is an herbal blend that is traditionally used to keep pets healthy:

*The blend below is given every day for a week- once a month or when pets are ill. It can be used for people also.

*Alfalfa leaf, burdock root, dandelion root, echinacea root, goldenseal root, kelp, licorice root, red clover, astragalus reshi, sarsaparilla root, and yellow dock root.

 Blend in 1 to 1 ratio. 1/4 tsp. per 10 lbs. Mixed in canned food or put in capsules and use a pillar to give orally.



*Parasites are another big problem with cats. They need to have parasite cleanses every 3-4 months This a very important part of your kitty's health. Parasites eggs can be left behind after doing a parasite cleanse. The eggs hatch, on avergae, evry tow weeks so, be sure to do the cleanse at least twice. Maybe a third time if the infestation is really bad. Cat pick up parasites because the eggs can come into your home on the bottom of shoes. The cat licks to clean its feet and ingestes the eggs.

( People should also do parasite cleanses because they have parasites too. Do your homework. You will be surprised at what you learn. You can do a search: parasite cleanses.)


*Your cat's health will suffer without this and you may be ingesting parasites from your own cat. Parasites are everywhere- in the water, in the food, in the litter box. Your vet can give you medications for parasites or you can order them on-line.

*Drontal is a well known parasite cleanse for animals. Be prepared to learn a lot if you don't know much about parasites.

  *Parasite cleanses for people can be found at health food stores and the interenet.

*Giardia is a parasite that can kill. Drontal will not kill this parasite.

*It is usually found in puddles outside. (another good reason to keep your cat indoors) orfrom not washing and refreshing water bowls daily. If your kitty has it, the major symptom is diarrhea.

*Goldenseal is an herb traditonally used for this.

*Your vet can also prescribe meds for this. There is a vaccine for it if you feel that you would like to protect your pet from it. Ask your vet for his/her opinion. Not all cats/kittens need this. The vaccine does not mean that your cat will be fully protected from it either.

*Coccidia is also a parasite that kill also. It can only be killed using Paragone Advanced, Kocci Free, or Albon

*Meg-A-Cal can be added to the diet for needed calories.


*Ringworm is not a worm, but it is fungus. There are many products out there that say they can cure it. Some of the more effective products are: Lime Sulpha Dip, Malaseb and Resizole Leave On Lotion (which is the same thing as Malaseb- Miconazole).

*DermasilR has Tea Tree Oil in it and Tea Tree Oil can kill kittens and cats.

*Salt kills ringworm in about 10 seconds- it burns (salt only kills it on the surface, but ringworm has a root in the skin that must be killed. The Sulpha Dip will kill the root.

*It is said that Lufeneron (a medication for fleas) can prevent ringworm from forming on the inside of your pet by not allowing its formation.

*Goldenseal is an herb that doesn't just prevent its formation, but kills it. Goldenseal is also cheaper, safer, and healthier for your cat/kitten. Goldenseal can be mixed in with wet food if, your cat will eat the food that way, or it can be put in capsules and given orally each day using a pillar. A pillar is what vets use to give pills. Your vet may sell one to you.

*Ringworm can also be inhaled by humans. Garlic kills fungus in people but, I don't know if it kills ringworm. (Garlic is toxic to cats).

*Wash all floors with 1/32 parts bleach (1 cup of bleach and 31 cups of water), but be careful. test it on the surfaces you want to use it on before washing.

*An ozone machine may prove to be VERY helpful in killing off the fungus in your home. It may be easier and less toxic than bleach.

*If this happens to you, you will want to keep your house as dark and dry as possible. It grows like a plant. Vacuum everything from ceiling to walls to floors to furnishings using a vacuum with a Hepa filter/or hepa filter bag in it  a regular vacuum is the thing to vacuum with, it won't spit the fungus back out.  A dehumidifier may prove very helpful. You'll want to do research on it if it happens to you.

*There is also a laundry product called Health Guard Laundry Detergent that you should wash your clothes and house with. It keeps working for up to a week after application. Ringworm shows up about 7 days after touching it.


*Use a few drops of vinegar in the pet water. Wash floors and bedding with vinegar. Do Not use vinegar in the washer because it will cause rust.

*Cleaning Fluids

*Some Cleaning Fluids can be toxic to your cat's liver/kidney. One safe natural cleaner is Vinegar. It kills bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses. It ph balances every surface it touches and is non-toxic to pets and people.

*Another safe cleaner is peroxide. Peroxide when left on wet blood will eat it up all the blood and there will be no spots left.

*Whatever product you use please be sure to read the warning label or talk to the company that produces it because cat ingest whatever you clean your floors with.


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