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Litter Boxes

Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance.

*Litter box training is usually very simple. You show the kittie where the box is. The kittie goes to the bathroom in it.

 *If not, try just putting bowel movements that are not in the right place inside the box.

*Problems sometimes arise if the box is not kept clean. Cats like a clean litter box. If the box is not kept clean some kittens/cats will not use the box. If you would like your box to be cleaner, adding Coop Refresher and salt to the litter will help kill bacteria, viruses, and parasite eggs. You will need a cat litter scoop, goggles (These are needed if you use litter with chemicals to clump the litter. The drying agents can dry your eyes also)  and a mask (The mask will help prevent you from getting parasites, viruses, and bacteria from the your kitten/cat). Everyday put on the goggles and mask, scoop out bowel movements left in the box. Put them in a plastic bag. Tie it closed and throw it in the outside garbage container. Now you have flushed the toilet for your cat. Your home will smell better to you and your kittie. It will be healthier for both of you.

*I clean my boxes every day. I use one scoop of litter per cat and disinfect them with vinegar. I use simple high sided boxes.

*Cats have a very strong sense of smell and will sometimes not use a box that is not kept clean. They sometimes object to strong smelling deodorizing litters.

I recommend Shweat Scoop. It has no chemicals and it is a clumping litter that can be disposed of right down the toilet! My house stays smelling clean.

  When the box is as clean your cat will be healthier and so will you.

 *If you are having a problem with a kittie that dosen't use the litter box, you need to take your cat to the vet for a check up to see if there is a urinary tract infection.

*If a cat/kitten is not using the box it can mean that there is a UTI or some kind of illness. This the most common reason for a kittie to not be using the box.
Take it seriously. Tell
your vet and ask for a check-up.

*If your home has been occupied by other animals that have left behind smells from accidents you will need to use 1 part bleach to 32 parts water to clean the area. After it is dry you should apply Febreeze for pets. This is what I use to claim something that belongs to me and tell the cat that they can not mark or deficate this area.
Or use another type of odor remover.

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