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There is a never ending list of cats toys. Toys should be chosen for saftey first.


Kittens have been know to chew on wires.

This can be deadly!

Chewed wires can also start a house fire!

ALL wires should be wrapped in electrical tape.

Electrical tape comes in many colors so you can match the color of the wires.

Once wrapped you can coat the wire with household dish soap. They do not like the taste.
You can also put dish soap on anything the kitten chews that you do to want it to chew on.

Fun Things Cats Like!!!

Kittens teeth just like puppies and young children

Kittens like to play with Mattel Baby Pop Beads They are a great teething toy when unstrung.

and they are also a great kitten toy when strung together. They can be washed in the dishwasher.

(I submitted my idea to Mattel. I submitted the idea to make them wth different prints and shapes like

fish, mice, paw prints, butterflies, dragon flies, etc. But, they say they don't have the resources to develop a Kitten Pop Bead)

 Cats like to play with Oven Mitts.

Just put it on and you can safely wrestle.

Do not use one that you use for cooking as the cat may attack it while you are cooking.  :(

Other cats will chase the light of a Small Flashlight.

Laser lights are a favorite, but be careful where you shine it, as a Laser Light can burn the retna of an eye- human or cat.

Strings and Teasers

Strings, balls of yarn, teasers with strings are a favorite, but can also be swallowed and can result in emergency surgery.

A string is a lot of fun for them to chase.

Cat toys with strings can get wrapped around your kittie's neck.

They can also get wrapped around a young child's neck.

  If, you chose to use these types of cat toys they must never been left out or within reach of cats or children when not in use.

Any child or kitten/cat playing with them should be

supervised at all times.

*Warning: Toys with feathers may be eaten by your cat! :)

Small Toys

There are a lot of small toys to choose from, just be careful!

Some have small parts that can be chewed off and swallowed.

Toys with small parts that could come off after being chewed may become a problem.

They can be swallowed, so there is a need to be watchful.

They also can have sewing threads that come lose.

These can aslo be ingested like a larger string and cause the string to become wrapped in the intestines.

Things that Move :)

 Cats/kittens like anything that moves.

Some of those things can be harmful.

Things like: plastic bags, small objects, marbles, plastic caps, erasers, earrings, earplugs, headphones (they may ingest them all !).

Our Kayla ate an earplug.

When she vomited it out I was shocked!

She brought up blood along with it.

I was glad she vomited because I didn't know that she had eaten it!

It could have turned into an emergency visit to the vet!

So, watch out that they are not playing with small objects that can be harmful. (Watch them, just like a baby.)

Stuffed Toys

   Toys with stuffing should be washable as cats like to chew on these toys, much like a dog chews on a bone.

         Washable toys are always a better choice.

Stuffed toys can also pose a choking hazard. Be watchful.

Some toys are stuffed with Cat Nip which has a drug like effect on cats.

To use Cat Nip or not is a personal decision.

More Fun Things Cats Like!!!

Other cats will chase the light of a Small Flashlight.

Laser lights are a favorite, but be careful where you shine it, as a Laser Light can burn the retna of an eye- human or cat.

Paper Bags are great! Cats love them.

You can put a paper bag down on the floor with the open end toward the kittie.

Scratch the other end where the hand cannot be seen.

You'll find your kittie doing some very funny things to that paper bag! :)

Cardboard Boxes are another favorite with endless possibilities.

Cut holes in them.

Use Masking Tape to attach more than one box together.

Make a Cat House or a Castle for Kittie. :)

They should not be keep for extended periods of time as they will get dirty.

You can always build new ones or spray paint them with non-toxic paint so they are washable.

You need non-toxic paint because many cats chew on the edges of boxes.

Well, that is all I have to say about that-for now.  :)

All photos on this site are property of Kitails and may not be used without express written consent from Kitails.

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