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Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

                                                  Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance.

When you are not at Home

*When you are not at home, well you know the saying: The mice will play when the cats away.

*If, you want to lose your earphones, MP3 player, jewelry, ect. then leave the cat out.  :)

*If, you don't want mice playing then using a samll bedroom, bathroom, or you can even use a large dog crate with a litter pan in it as a safe place for you kittie to be when you are not at home.

*Make sure there is heat in cold wheather and airconditioning in cool wheather.

When you are not home

 A kitten is somewhat like a small child--wanting to explore without experience. So, when you are not at home it is best to put the kitten in a small bathroom with the toilet closed and all electric wires put away. Kittens/cats can bite wires and get electrocuted, or worse, start a fire! Make sure you have food, water, and litter available. If you have a large crate that kittie can play in, that would work too. You can buy a small litter pan for the kennel. Make sure you leave fresh water with wet and dry food for the kitten to eat. The bowls should be heavy enough so that they can not be knocked over. ceramic bowls often do the trick. Small plactic balls for play are safe to leave with you kitten /cat while you are gone.

*Having two kittens is better than one because they will keep each other occupied when you are not able to be with them. They will identify with each other and do things together that they can't do with humans. They will be happier and there will be more fun to go around. :)

*Small unspillable water bowel will also be needed.

*Your kittie will need a sitter to check in on them and feed them if you go away.

*Your sitter should have your vet's number, your number, and any microchip number

*A microchip is also protection whether your cat travels or not. If, they get out of the house you may never see them again without a microchip to identify them.

*Your sitter should know how to clip nails, groom, feed, and how to identify a sick cat.


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