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We have been breeding for 18 yrs. We are among the first Siberian catteries to be established in the USA. We have cats from some of the original USA lines and championship lines from many places overseas.

We have the experience and want you to be prepared as pet parents, whether you are getting your first kitten or have other cats at home our kitten care classes will help you be prepared.

  Our Kitten Care Classes are informative, interactive, and fun. We have had people who work in rescues adopt from us and they say they learned a lot from particpating in the class.

  Your family can take the Zoom class and then choose your kitten when it is your family's turn.

  Families choose kittens in the order that they have attended a Zoom Kitten Care Class.

Our website is also full of information about cats, so you can do even more to learn about cats by reading our kitten care pages.

If, You Don't Live Close By

You can:
#1 Do a Zoom Class
#2 Choose your kitten and get it altered
#3 Drive or fly here to get your kitten
#4 Or
have a courier bring your kitten to you

 So, come join us at a Kitails and let the learning and fun begin!
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