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Smoke and Seal Lynx Siberians

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If, adopting from us, we can bring your kitten to you if you live within 2-3 hrs from us
Cost to bring your kitten to you is based on distance

Siberian Cat Breeders

From Alabama
From Louisiana
Sibirskiy Siberians
From Ohio
Echo Siberians Oh
From Alaska
From Maine
From Oklahoma
From Arizona
From Maryland
From Oregon
From Arkansas
From Massachusetts
Kitails Siberians Ma

Angara Ma

City Siberians
From Pennsylvania
From California
Golden Dawn Siberians

Siberina Beauty

From Michigan
From Rhode Island
From Colorado


7 Cedars Co

From Minnesota
From South Carolina
From Connecticut From Mississippi
From South Dakota
From Delaware
From Missouri
From Tennessee
From Florida
Cats Tale Fl
Cats Tale- Find her on FB

Artic Eclipse Fl

Krevcheno Siberians Fl
From Montana
Alfa Mont
From Texas
From Georgia
From Nebraska
From Utah
From Hawaii
From Nevada
From Vermont
From Idaho

From New Hampshire
From Virginia

From Illinois
From New Jersey
From Washington

From Indiana
From New Mexico
From West Virginia
Anns Green Gables WV
From Iowa
Archibald Siberians
From New York
1 Above NY

From Wisconsin
From Kansas
From North Carolina
From Wyoming
From Kentucky
From North Dakota


From Massachusets

Sinergia Oriental Shorthairs

Fancier Breeder List

Siberian Catz

  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

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