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The adults that are available should go to homes with older children or adults only.

An adult cat is a great choice because a cat can live for up to 25 years or more.

If, you are elderly you must be able to groom, clean litter, and wash the cat or have some to do this for you on a regular basis.

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Four things for the health of your cat:

1- have pet insurance.
2-make your own food-see the food page.
3-clean and disinfect the litter box very day.
 4-use the brushless water additives for their teeth.

Available Cats:
Kitails Siberians AlissaKitails Siberians AlissaKitails Siberians Alissa
Alyssia is retiring. DOB 10/20/17
Adoption fee is the price of spay and dental cleaning approx. $750.00-Reserved for Leslie S.


Kitails Cat Rescue helps rehome your cat without putting them into a shelter.

The cats posted here still live with their owners, but these cats need new homes.

How it works:

If, you have a Siberian (or cat of another breed) in need of a new home, please use the on-line application.

Kitails will be happy to post pictures of your Siberian (or cat of another breed) and help you find a new home.

There is a $5.00 application fee for those posting feline friends, who need a new home.

Owners- submit an application (you will be asked for photos of your cat). Use the comment section tell us about of your cat needing a new home.

Owners- when you accept a family as a new home for your cat, make a vet appointment. Get all shots up to date and a health certificate. Health certificates are usually only good for two weeks.

The cost of adoption: is the cost of a vet visit, any shots that are needed and the health certificate. New owners should get a copy of the vet bill.

However, some owners may want more $ in addition to the vet visit. It is up to you.

Adopters- Submit your application telling us you want to adopt a Siberian (or cat of another breed) posted here. If, your application is accepted, Siberian owners will contact you themselves to see if they would like to accept you as the new owners. Make sure you can see the cat in person before any $ changes hands. All adoption fees should be paid in cash and a receipt should begiven you by the person you are adopting from that staes the amount of $ you hav egiven them as an adoption fee, the reciept should be dated and signed by both parties at time of pickup. Make sure you get a copy of any vet bill and a reciept and schedule a wellness check-up with your vet.

Kitails- Will process all the applications and help match families.

Please use the on-line application.

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Kitails Application

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Besides looking in catteries for an adult cat there are Siberian rescue groups like:

www.siberiancatrescue.com and


Ocassinally Kitails may also have rescued Siberian cats/kittens as we try to rescue Siberian cats/kittens in Massachusetts. If you have a Siberian in the Massachusetts area in need of a new home please use the On-line Application (fill out the application). Use the comments section to let us know you have a need for a rescue.


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All photos on this site are property of Kitails and may not be used without express written consent from Kitails.

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