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We are getting a kitten! What do we need to know?
Picture This Designing

You are going to be just like a zoo keeper with chores to do. You will also need at least some basic knowledge of the species of animal in your small home zoo. So, sit back relax, and enjoy the learning experience you are about to have here at Kitails Kitten Care. Just follow the links to greater understanding of your feline.

Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

    Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance.


Nails Grooming

Cleaning Supplies

Food Health Training Indoor vs Outdoor
Teeth Behavior Litter Boxes When ou're not at Home

How a cattery works and doesn't work.
There are basically two ways a cattery works- but are also simalar. Cats are not like dogs, who only mate twice a year. Cats can mate anytime of year and so male and female cats can not live together.


Disclaimer: Please note: I am not a doctor nor a veterinarian. The information on these Kitten Care pages are purely for informational for purposes.

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