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You will find kittens that have already gone home.

They will give you an idea of the type/quality of the kittens we may have available for adoption.


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Pushkin(Buster Brown)- Seal Lynx with White

"I wanted to write and let you all know he is doing wonderfully. He loves to look out our windows at the birds.... in the trees. He likes to watch snow falling and is always asking me to open the windows even when it is freezing out. He must love the cold air with all of his fur. He plays with paper balls and likes to play chase and hide-and-seek with my son. And he enjoys curling up on our laps on the couch in the evening. He wakes us in the morning if we are sleeping too late by meowing at everyone's room. And he loves to eat! We were surprised that he purrs when we trim his nails or comb him; it's sweet. We love him a lot and he's doing just fine."

Picture This Designing
Kitails Kittens

Kitails Siberian Roswell

Kitails Siberians Chelsea

Kitails Siberians Jason Varicat

"...Wyatt, on the other hand, although he likes to explore, he seems to want to watch what is going on before he gets into it. He is very curious about water and will often be found in the bathtub (no water) when no one is looking.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that these are very social cats - not aloof at all - and we are all enjoying them in our lives. Thanks so much for being such a conscientous breeder."

Jack(Roswell)- Seal Lynx- Owner Karen W.

Chelsea-Seal Lynx

Baci(Jason Varicat)-Seal Lynx with White


"I wanted to send you a few recent photos of our beautiful Jack. He is so friendly and loves to be with us all the time. He loves drinking from the kitchen faucet and sitting on the kitchen island while the kids do homework. We are sooo happy to have this fluffy bundle of love as part of our family!- Karen"

Kitails Siberians Mischa Bell

Kitails Siberians Lilly

Kitails Siberians Doug Meowbellie


Mischa-Bell- Seal Lynx with White

Lilly-Seal Lynx with White

Zambuca(Doug Meowabellie)- Seal Lynx with White

Kitails Siberians Kiwi

Kitails Siberians Jessie

Kitails Siberians Jasmine

Kitails Siberians Krissy

Kiwi- Seal Lynx with White

Maia(Jessie)- Silver Smoke Torbie with White

San(Jasmine)-Seal Lynx Torbie with White

Krissy-Brown Mackerel Tabby

Kitails Siberians Kegan

Kitails Siberians Kevin

Kitails Siberians Katy

Kitails Siberians Jenny

Keagan (Kegan)-Brown Mackerel Tabby

Kevin - Golden Seal Lynx - Owner Jennifer B.

Katy-Brown Mackerel Tabby-Owner- Elyse L.

Jenny-Brown MacKerel Tabby with White- - Owner Kim B.

Kitails Siberians Frankie

Kitails Siberians Reese

"Hi Patricia, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Katy is thriving and healthy! We all love her so much, and she has such a sweet temperament.... and she is doing great!"

Kitails Siberians Muffin

Frankie-"Old Blue Eyes"(Marshmallow)-Seal Lynx- -Owner Elizabeth M.

Crusier(Reese)-Brown MacKerel Tabby with White- Owner Amy B.


Muffin(Cupcake)-Brown MacKerel Torbie- -Owner Charlotte M.

"Hi Pat, I have been meaning to contact you and let you know how both Jenny and Frankie are doing. We are sure that we have the two best kittens ever! Jenny is just beautiful--a bit round, but, very fluffy too. Wonderful disposition even though she does "beat up" Kim's old poodle. Frankie is a joy--he is great company--am so glad my kids thought of such a perfect gift!!.... KIm and I were fortunate to have gotten our kittens,....we were so very pleased with you as a breeder."

Kitails Siberians Blueberry

Kitails Siberians Ginger Spice

  Kitails Siberians Aloysha

Sophia (Blueberry)- Blue Smoke -Owner Robin W.

Robin wants you to vote for Sophia on the Cat Channel

Ginger Spice- Brown MacKerel Torbie with White- -Owner Johnathan D.


Kitails Siberians Sprinkles

Zoe and Muffin have became a great comfort to Nancy and Arthur as they endured great tragedy.

These two wonderful cats gave them much needed love. They became wonderful therapy cats for these two wonderful people.

Kitails Siberians Muffin

Zoe (Sprinkles)- Brown MacKerel Torbie with White- -Owner Nancy and Arthur A.



(Muffin)- Brown MacKerel Torbie with White- -Owner Nancy and Arthur A.

Kitails Siberians Angel


Kitails Siberians Smiley

Angel (Merry)- Black which is a rare color for Siberians- Owner Lelia

Kitails Siberians Smiley Guys

Smiley (Brennin)- Solid Blue -Owner Janis S.

Kitails Siberians Happy

The Smiley Guys from Kitana and Yasha


Kitails Siberians Jolly

Happy- Brown MacKerel Tabby- Son of Kitana and Yasha- Owner John M.


Spike (Jolly)- Brown MacKerel Tabby- Owner Robyn

Kitails Siberians Anikita

Kitails Siberians Sam

Kitails Siberians Andrick

Sam (Anikita-ah-nih-key-tah ) Twin of Annika- Seal Lynx (Gold)- Owner Elyse L.

Sam-Samuel (nick named Goldie)- Seal Lynx (Gold)- Owner Cindy M.

Andrick (ahn-drick)- Seal Lynx (Gold)- Owner Lisa G.

Kitails Siberians Alek

Kitails Siberians Andrick Jack

Kitails Siberians Katina

Alek (ah-lek)- Seal Lynx with White- Owner Beth R.

Jack- (Smokey )- Black/Silver MacTabby with Gold- Owner Cindy M.

Katina-(Amylia (ah-meel-ya )- Seal Lynx - Owner Andrea and Jim K.

Kitails Siberians Schuster

Kitails Siberians Nikki

Kitails Siberians Vasya

Schuster- Seal Point- Owner Matt McN.

Nikki (Annika-ah-nee-ka ) Twin of Anikita- Seal Lynx- Owner Rita D.

Vasya (Sage )- Seal Point- Owner Elizabeth J.

Kitails Siberians Alekse

Kitails Siberians Blackie

Kitails Siberians Shannon

Alekse (ah-lek-say)- Seal Point- Lives with Russell- Red Silver (not shown) Victoria S. and Daniel M.

LionBlaze (Blackie)- Black Solid- Owner Sarah P.

 Shannon- Blue Silver Tabby with White- Owner CJ and Steve R.

Kitails Siberians Stefan

Kitails Siberians Max Maxism

Kitails Siberians Bitsy

Stefan (Stephen)- Silver Seal Lynx- Owner Jennifer B.

 CH Max Maxism of Kitails

Max made Best Seal Lynx kitten of the year in one show.

My beloved max now lives with Margret N.

Love Ya Max

Cannoli (Bitsy)- Seal Lynx Torbie- Owner Paul and Katelyn A.

Kitails Siberians Mouse

Kitails Siberians The Kids

Kitails Siberians Steve and Carol

Top left kitten: Hermes (Mouse)- Flame Point- Owner Hope M.

Dear Pat, I am writing to let you know that Hermes (Mouse) is thriving, and we love him. He is playful, affectionate, and is getting big. His orange coloring is showing more, and he is striking! Alexander took beautiful care of him while I was in Australia, and they are very attached. He took him for his shots and gave him his pill. He is just as loving with me, cuddles and purrs. We make his food ( easy once you know how) and follow your cat care tips. Even though I have had cats before, I have learned a lot from your web site. We appreciate the love and care you give your cats and kittens!

Top right kitten: Kitty ( Cloud)- Lilac Point- Owner Tracy C.

Middle kitten: Cuddles (Button)-  Blue Seal Lynx- Owner Mike F.

Lower left kitten: Raisa-(Baby)- Blue Seal Lynx- Owner Serena B.

Lower right kitten: Macaroni (Butter)- Flame Point- Owner John W.

The Kittens in the Above Collage are:

Top Left- Madison-Diffles - Flame Point- Owner Leonid andOlga R.

Top Right-Elvis(Ethan)- Red/Silver Flame Point- Owner Lindsey C.

Center- Alanna-Kiki  Blue Seal Lynx- Owner Leonid andOlga R.

Bottom Left-  Michaleen- (Kaleb-agent K)- Red/Silver Flame Point- Owner Margret N.

Bottom Right- Bella (Mikaela)- Blue Point- Owner Cheryl K.

  Top left- Magellan (Steve)-  Blue Seal Lynx- Owner Wendy S.

Top right- Lillian (Carol)- Blue Seal Lynx- Owner Wendy S.

Bottom Center- Timofey (Owen Snow )- Blue Seal Lynx- Owner  Denis Z.

"The kittens have settled in beautifully. 
They continue to grow and get cuter each day. 

They have the sweetest dispositions and love people and playing... Thank you so much!!
We couldn't be happier."

Wendy And Steve

Kitails Siberians Bibke Girls

Kitails Siberians Bible names

Kitails Siberians More Bible names

Top Center Female-Naomi- Blue Sela Lynx- Owner Sharon M.

Lower Left Female-Ella (Rebecca)- Silver Seal Lynx- Owner Elena R.

Lower Right Female-Noah- Brown Makerel Torbie with White- Owner Andreia G.

Upper Left Female-Mikaela(Michal)- Brown Seal Tabby with White- Owner Jason A.

UpperRight Male-Gizmo-(Luke)- Seal Lynx with White- Owner Debbie B.

Lower Left-Female-Tasha(Ester)- OwnerSilver Tabby with White- Colleen P.

Lower Right Male-Gatsby(Simeon)- Seal Lnyx with White- Owner Andrew J.

Top Left Female-Rachel- Brown Seal Tabby with White-
Owner Dan S.

Top Right Male-(Reuben)- Red/Silver Tabby- Owner Marie M.

Center Male-Crispus-(Phillip)- Blue with White-Owner Denise F.

Lower Left Female-Sadie-(Sarah )- Brown Torbie Tabby with White-
Beth T.

Lower Right Male-Aslan-(Thomas)- Brown Tabby with White-
Owner Denise F.

 Kitails Siberians Lydia Leah and

Just wanted to give you an up 
date on Gatsby!
He's the best cat EVER.
He's super friendly,
laid back, just loves
to be in whatever room
I am in all the time,
he's really my little

Just wanted to give you an up date on Gatsby! Max

Lydia Leah and...

 Max- Brown Tabby with White-

Owner John C. 

Kitails Siberians Spike

Kitails Siberians Toby

Kitails Siberians Yasha
Spike- Black Tuxedo- Owner Allison B.

Toby- Blue/Silver Seal Lynx- Owner Colleen G.

Yasha- Seal Lynx- Owner Sean M.

Kitails Siberians Sandy Kitails Siberians  Beach Kitails Siberians  Sandal
 Sandy- Manny- Golden Spotted Seal Lynx
Owner Lousia B (Beth T.)
Louisa's two babies, Manny and Lucnzo ar so adorable! They LOVE each other and are inseparable. They are providing her with wonderful company!
My Sadie is just gorgeous with her "winter coat".
We are so grateful to have these wonderful pets. Their dispositions are a delight and they are all so very healthy, thanks to your loving care.
Please know, we think of you everyday!

 Beach-Max- Blue Seal Lynx- Owner Jennifer L.

"Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that our little Max is doing wonderful and is thriving!
He's so playful and has become quite the little cuddle bug when he wants to be ;) He adjusted very quickly to our home and is
super comfortable with anyone new coming to visit. I'm sure the freeze dried chicken treats help too. Brian and I want to
thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing such an amazing job raising our little boy. Your kittens are sociable, fun and
super loving. We really couldn't have asked for a better cat! Thank you so much for everything!..."

Sandal-Grace- Blue Seal Lynx with White-
Owner Kristen L.

Kitails Siberians  Sunset

Kitails Siberians Wave

Kitails Siberians  Suntan

 Sunset- Brown Mackerel Torbie with White- Owner Colleen G.

 Wave-Lui- Blue Spotted Seal Lynx with White-

Owner Lousia B. (Beth T.)

 Suntan- Seal Point- Owner Derek S.

Left- Sophia Tanya- Red/Silver Spotted-Staying at Kitails

Second Left-Thunder Storm-Mr. Thunderstorm Nugget- Blue Smoke- Owner Andrew J.

Kitails Siberians  Tanya Summer Kittens
Kitails Siberians  Tanyas Summer Kittens

Center-Surfer-Olaf (Ollie)- Red /Silver Spotted- Owner Julia E.  Just a quick note to let you know that the kitty is doing great! He's eating really well and has adjusted to ouer home and family really quickly. the kids have given him plenty of exercise...he's so gentle and friendly with thme. He has them trained already--he meows and they come running with toys--very cute. He's also a cuddle bug and likes to curl up with me and watch TV at night!...

Second right-Summer Breeze- Red/Silver Spotted -Staying at Kitails

Right- Reef- Thomas- Red/Silver Smoke- OwnerVictoria R.

Kitails Siberians  Tanys Summer Kittens

Kitails Siberians  Kayla kittens 2015
Kitails Siberians  Bobcat

Top- Honey- Seal Point Torbie with White-Owner Maragret B.
Middle- Velvet- Golden Seal Lynx with White-Staying at Kitails

Bottom- Sweet Pea- Golden Seal Lynx with White- Owner Lori F.

Kitails Siberians  Cougar
This Bobcat-Milo
Seal Lynx male-Owner Amanda S.

Below is Audi-Murphy Owner Paul P.
Kitails Siberians  Jaguar This Cougar-Liam
Seal Lynx male -Owner
Jane C.

Below is Shelby Owner Meghan C.

Kitails Siberians  Audi This is Jaguar-Gryffin
Owner Derek S.
Kitails Siberians  Shelby
Kitails Siberians Maize

Kitails Siberians  Harvest
Kitails Siberians Cider
Maize-Blue Seal Lynx with Gold-Female
Owners Kristin C. and Joe P.
Harvest-Jackson-Blue Seal Lynx with White and Gold -Male
Owner Tracie M.
Cider-Blue/Silver Seal Lynx with Gold Female
Owner Charlotte B.
Kitails Siberians  Cinnamon Kitails Siberians  October Kitails Siberians  Maple Sugar
Cinnamon- Flame Point -Male
Owner Jon R.
October-Smokey-Blue Seal Lynx with White-Male-Owner John R. Maple Sugar-Blue Smoke Torbie with Gold
Female-Owner for Rose F.
Kitails Siberians  September Kitails Siberians Red Kitails Siberians  November
September-Whiskey-Blue Smoke with Gold
Male- Owner Kathy M.
Red-Jack-Red Spotted with White-Male-Owner Amanda L. November- Bob-Red/Silver Spotted Male Owner Lizzy M.
Kitails Siberians  Amber
Kitails Siberians  Mars
 Amber-Blue Torbie Female
Owner for Anne Marie H.
Calico Fall- Blue Classic Torbie- Not shown- Owner Tania P. Mars-Golden Point-Owner Pamela G. Wanted to let you know Oliver (the kitten formerly known as Mars) is doing great. He adjusted quickly and loves to play and cuddle. We are so thrilled!
Kitails Siberians  Sputnik

Kitails Siberians Moonlight Kitails Siberians  Saturn
Sputnik-Seal Lynx with White
Owner Kristin C.
Moonlight (Teddy)-Seal Lynx
Owner Kristin C.
I just wanted you to know how grateful we are for Ellie and Teddie!  They are the best of friends and companions.  Both so affectionate, sweet and loving.  They do everything together we are just so happy!
Saturn-Dragon-Red Silver Classic-
Owner Tara B. 
Sputnik-Seal Lynx with White Venus Kitails Siberian Pluto
Kitails Siberians Annalya
Venus-Black Silver Torbie-
Owner Caroline B. 
Pluto-Red Tabby-
Owner Grant G.
Annalya-Lucy- Classic Seal Lynx-
Owner Laurie L
Kitails Siberians Jupiter Kitails Siberians Astro Kitails Siberians Galaxy
Jupiter-George-Golden Point-
Owner Maryhelen M.
Our George-Love (formerly Jupiter) is now an official therapy cat. That’s how loving and chill our boy is. Certified by People and Pets Foundation Look for their FB page
Astro-Lysander-Classic Seal Lynx-
Owner Dalia G.
Astro was very well behaved at the vet’s office. The vet thought he was in great health and had been well socialized.
I am grateful to you and John for raising such a wonderful kitty.

Galaxy-Remy-Classic Seal Lynx
Owner Rhonda C.

The Uffy Family
Kitails Siberians The Uffy Family

Fluffy- Luna- Silver -Owner Chris C.
Buffy-Alissa-Silver Torbie-
Staying at Kitails

Duffy-Ginger-Red Tabby- Owner Lisa O.
Muffy-Black Golden Tabby-
Owner Nancy E.
Kitails Siberians The Uffy Family

The Winter Family

Kitails Siberians Mittens Kitails Siberians Iclyn Kitails Siberians Snowball
Mittens Winter- Luna
Owner Jennifer J.
Iclyn Winter-Icelynn
Owner Khama E.
Snowball Winter- Blue Sea Lynx
Owner Nancy E.

Super Heroes
Kitails SiberiansPeter Parker Peter Parker-Claude
Owner Kahma E.

Clark Kent-Rollo
Owner Derek S.

Kitails Siberians Clark Kent

Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens 
Kitails Siberians Logan Kitails Siberians Kara Kitails Siberians Teagan
Logan-Owner Golden Dawn Siberians
Kara-Owner Arpine T. Teagan-Owner Tracy R.
Owner Derek S.

The Candyland Kids
Kitails Siberians Bubble Gum Kitails Siberians Hershey Kisses Kitails Siberians Kit Kat
Bubble Gum-Findus-Owner Katie C. Hershey Kisses-Owner Kim L.
Kit Kat-Owner Elysia P.
Kitails Siberians Jelly Bean Kitails Siberians Caramel Creme Kitails Siberians Skittles
Jelly Bean-Luna-Owner Katie C.
Caramel Cream-Loki-Owner Lucia D.
Skittels-Owner Nicole S.
Kitails Siberians Andrew This is the Alphabet Soup Gang Kitails Siberians Cassie
Andrew-Toby-Owner Bob P. . Cassie-Owner Sharon S.
Kitails Siberians Daniellea Kitails Siberians Bobby Kitails Siberians Eddie
Daniella- Sushi Owner Karen D.
Bobby-Darby Owner Elizabeth H Eddie- Pushkin Owner Dmitry B

Ritz Crackers N Cheese
Kitails Siberians Rita Kitails Siberians Chris Kitails Siberians Ritz crackers
Rita-Winnie-Owner Kerrie S.
 Chris-Griffin- Owner Tara B. Ritz Crackers-Luka- Owner Brenda D.
Kitails Siberians Bruins

Kitails Siberians Celtics
Bruins-Rosa Lee-Staying at Kitails The Sports Fans   Celtic-Simon-Owner Marcia C.
Kitails Siberians Allyson Kitails Siberians Patriots Kitails Siberians Red Sox
Allyson-Annie Owner Lorna T Patriot-Loki Owner Joseph C.
Red Sox-Owner Jennifer N.

Points of Interest
Kitails Siberians Jordan 
Kitails Siberians Nickie
  Kitails Siberians Jackie
Jordan-Nala-Owner Leigh R. Nickie- Flash-Owner Travis C. Jackie- Weegee ( 1898 Photographer)
Owner Travis C.

Land Before Time
Little Foot-Flambeau
Owner Kristin W.
itails Siberians Littel Foot He's got a great personality and is super cuddly and sweet (when he is not in play mode, that is). We are all very much in love with him. We are so grateful to have found you. Thank You.
You are welcome!

The Sister Sisters Litter

Kitails Siberians Isabella

Kitails Siberians Aleah
Isabella-Mila-Owner Joanne B.

Aleah-Owner Joanne B.

The Lion King Litter
Kitails Siberians Simba Kitails Siberians Nala Kitails Siberians Kiara
Simba-OwnerTatiana S. Nala-Kiki-Owner Alexandra R. Kiara-Gwendolyn-Owner Kristen G.
Kitails Siberians Bonnie
The Blue Velvet Litter
Kitails Sophia Tanya and Volzhskaya Krasa Dorefey
Kitails Siberians Bluebell
Bonnie-Owner Rachel R.

Bluebell-Owner Sabina S.

The Seven Dwarfs Litter
Kitails Siberians Happy2 Kitails Siberians Doc Kitails Siberians Bashful
Happy2- Owner Nathan M. Doc-Tormund-Owner Michelle T. Bashful-Owner Kristin S.
Kitails Siberians Sneezy Kitails Siberians Grumpy Honey Kitails Siberians Sleepy
Sneezy-Deli-Owner Jessica S. Grumpy-Honey-Owner Kitails Sleepy-Rye-Owner Jessica S.

Kitails Siberians Dopey Prisca

Dopey-Prisca-Owner Kitails
Kitails Siberians Coolatta Kitails Siberians Mocha Kitails Siberians Kona
Coolatta-Duke Cattington Owner Ashley A. Mocha-Cooper-Owner Maddie C. Kona-Molly-Owner Nicole M.
Kitails Siberians French Vanilla

The Coffee Crew Litters

Kitails Siberians Pumkin Spice
French Vanilla-Jo Jo Owner Shelbylyn S.
Pumpkin Spice-Butterscotch-Owner Jameson G.
Kitails Siberians Caramel Kitails Siberians Latte Kitails Siberians Espresso
Caramel Swirl-Finnegan-Owner Amy B. Latte- Owner Caitlin G. Espresso-Ro-Owner Beatrice H.
Kitails Siberians Catlyn The Bungle in the Jungle Litter
Kitails Autumn Mist and Kitails Porsche
Kitails Siberians Puma
Catlyn- Owner Lisa O.
Puma-Owner Lindsay H.
Kitails Siberians Tiger
"Hi, Can I just say we are head over HEELS with this baby! We can't stop staring at him and snuggling him. He's so well behaved and cuddly and wonderful. We can't thank you enough for allowing us to bring him into our family! We got his wellness check done and he is in prefect health....Thank you again! Morgan and Jill."
Kitails Siberians Kitty
Tiger-Lazlo-Owner Jillene W.
Kitty-Owner Elizabeth H.

The Palindrome Kids

Kitails Siberians Natan Kitails Siberians Anna Kitails Siberians Nolon
Natan/Vladamir-Owner Suzanne U. Anna/Purrl-Owner-Elizabeth D. Nolon/James Bond-Owner Emily B.
Kitails Siberians Bolt Fireball Litter
Bolt-Lafitte-Owner Kristin W.
Hotshot-Ziggy-Owner Leba H.
Kitails Siberians Hotshot
Kitails Siberians Briquette Briquette-Willow-Owner Lelia A.
Nitro-Otis-Owner Donna M.
Kitails Siberians Nitro

Kitails Siberians Bambi
The Beach Boys   Bambi/Corwin-Owner Dennis D. The Beach Boys
Kitails Siberians Brian Kitails Siberians Carl Kitails Siberians Dennis
Brian-Gillroy-Owner Lauren B.
Carl-Harry-Owner Jane C.
Dennis-Owner Matt B.
Kitails Siberians Ashely Twin Cities Litter

Kitails Siberians Kate
Ashely-Owner Kerry S.
Kate-Staying at Kitails
Kitails Siberians Zack Zack-Edward L.

Cody-Owner Jessica B.
Kitails Siberians Cody

Furberries Litter
Kitails Siberians Blackberry Kitails Siberians Raspberry Kitails Siberians Blueberry
Blackberry-Owner Kristin WN. Raspberry-Francis-Owner Kirsten E. Blueberry-Shady Lady-Owner Sara G.
Kitails Siberians Cranberry Kitails Siberians Starwberry Kitails Siberians Huckleberry
Cranberry/Leo-Jenny O. Strawberry/Pumpkin-Owner Linda E. (Derri B.) Huckleberry Finn-Staying at Kitails
Kitails Siberians Sam I Am
Kitails Siberians Smokey
Sam I Am Owner Stephanie R.
Smokey-Gus-Owner Leah N.

The Snowiberian Litter

Kitails Siberians Snowy Kitails Siberians Snowflake Kitails Siberians Snowman
Snowy-Stayng at Kitails Snowflake-Cloud-Owner Mark R. Snowman-Milo-Owner Nora H.
Kitails Siberians Snowfall Kitails Siberians Snowball Kitails Siberians Snowdrift
Snowfall-Owner Sharon S. Snowball-Owner Pat, David O.
Snowdrift-Tom-Owner Sandrine L.B.

The Fantasy Kittens

Kitails Siberians Whimiscal
Kitails Siberians Fantasy
Whimsical-Owner Heidi Y.
Fantasy-Staying at Kitails

Kitails Siberians Legend

Kitails Siberians Vision

Kitails Siberians Imagine
Legend-Puffcat-Owner Gosia M. Vision-Toast-Owner James G. Imagine-Summit-Owner Angela Y.
Kitails Siberians Wonder

Kitails Siberians Illusion

Kitails Siberians Mirage
Wonder-Mocha-Owner Richard C. Illusion-Tulip-Owner Denise C. Mirage-Ruslan-Owner Elizabeth J.

Kitails Siberians Fuji

Kitails Siberians Canon
Fuji-Yuri-Owner Amy S. The Photo Felines Canon-Ozzy-Owner Lelia A.

Kitails Siberians Sigma

Kitails Siberians Sony
Sigma-Female- Owner Eilana B.
Sony-Owner Kitails

Blues Cruise I
Kitails Siberians Behind Blue Eyes Kitails Siberians Blue Bayou Kitails Siberians Mr Blue Sky
Behind Blue Eye-Max-Owner Kelly S. Blue Bayou-Luka-Owner Elyse/John L. Mr Blue Sky-Leo-Owner Kelly S.

Blues Cruise II
Kitails Siberians Blue Moon

Kitails Siberians Blue On Blue

Kitails Siberians Crystal Blue Persuasion

Blue Moon-Owner Kirsten B. Blue On Blue-Lua-Owner Victor/Ashley P. Crystal Blue Persuation-Rumi
Owner Hena K.

Kitails Siberians Forever in Blue Jeans

I can not express how much we adore them.  They love our family and they love each other. I have never had a cat as smart and well-behaved as these two. They are my guardian angels and follow me from room to room waiting patiently for me to settle in at my desk or on a sofa. within minutes they are on my lap or on the sofa, chair, or cat tree nearby. They love belly rubs and behind-the-ear scratches.
I taught them to give me kisses on command.  When standing, if I pat my thighs with my hands Rico will stand on his hind legs and put his paws on my thighs to be picked up as a small child would. Also, when on his tree, if I pat my chest he will stand up and put his paws on my shoulder and wait for me to pick him up off the tree. Sometimes and similar to a small child if I try to put them down they will cling to me or not put their feet down to resist.  It is hilarious and heartwarming. We can not thank you enough for choosing us to be their forever family. They are in good hands and are well cared for.

Kitails Siberians Jackie Blue

Forever in Blue Jeans-Lola-Owner Debra R.

Jackie Blue-Rico-Owner Debra R.

Blues Cruise III

Kitails Siberians Blue Velvet

Kitails Siberians Summertime Blues

Blue Velvet-Klara-Owner Colleen P.
Summertime Blues-Owner Renda W.
Kitails Siberians Apple Cider
Apple Fest I Kitails Siberians Apple Crisp
Apple Cider-Hazel-Owner Sara B.
Apple Crisp-Owner Elizabeth D.
Kitails Siberians Apple Pie

Pie and Jack have already stolen our hearts.  Pie warmed up pretty quickly. Jack is now settling in as well.  Thanks so much. We are just so happy to have them! It’s also nice to see how much they love each other!
Kitails Siberians Apple Strudel
Apple Pie-Owner Mary F.
Apple Strudel-Rambo-Owner Amber C.
Kitails Siberians Apple Butter
Apple Fest II Kitails Siberians Apple Cobbler
Apple Butter-Autumn-Owner David M.
Apple Cobbler-Oakley-Owner Kevin S.
Kitails Siberians Apple Sauce
Kitails Siberians Apple Fritter
Apple Sauce-Mimi- Seal-Owner I-Hsein W.
Apple Fritter Stays at Kitails
Apple Fest III
Apple Farro
Kitails Siberians Apple Farro
Owner Paula W.

Apple Fest IV
Kitails Siberians Apple Turnerover

Kitails Siberians Apple Jack
Apple Turnover-Astro-Owner Aleydis S.
Apple Jack-Owner Mary F.
Kitails Siberians Apple Dumpling Kitails Siberians Apple Crumble
Kitails Siberians Apple Juice
Apple Dumpling-Flynn-Owner Jocelyn S. Apple Crumble-Cookie-Owner Irina M. Apple Juice-Lulu Belle-Owner Yara B.

Snowy and Dorefey's Winter Snow Kittens I
Kitails Siberians Moose

Kitails Siberians Otter
Moose-Owner Amanda G.
Otter-Owner Anika N.
Kitails Siberians Penguin

Kitails Siberians Walrus
Penguin-Porsche-Owner Hongling H.
Walrus-Mochi-Owner Misbah D.

Winter Snow Kittens II
Kitails Siberians Snowy Owl
Kitails Siberians Polar Bear
Kitails Siberians Artic Fox
Snowy Owl-Owner Nicole B. Polar Bear-Butterscotch-Reserved for Kristin M.

Spring has Sprung I

Kitails Siberians Flower
Flower Owner Amy G.
 and Springtime Owner Alyedis S.
Kitails Siberians Springtime
Kitails Siberians May May Owner Katie H. and Sprout Owner Jessica S. Kitails Siberians Sprout

Porsche and Lisette's Spring has Sprung II
Kitails Siberians Bloom Kitails Siberians Tadpole Kitails Siberians Pastel
Bumble-Owner Sato M. Tadpole-Owner Sato M.

Pastel-Owner Sato M.

Chocolate Factory I
Kitails Siberians Tootsie Roll
Kitails Siberians Cadbury
Kitails Siberians Brownie

Tootsie Roll-Owner Jenny O.

Cadbury-Toblerone-Owner Antionia B.
Brownie-Darla-Owner Janet G.
Kitails Siberians Cocoa
Hi, Pat,
Just wanted to follow-up with a little report about how Cocoa is doing in his new home. He's adjusting nicely and is starting to explore the house. His hiding spot is behind the piano so he's been sleeping there, but he comes out readily when I call him.

He wouldn't eat or drink for about 24 hours after we got home, but he has a good appetite for both food and water now, in fact he eats a lot, so I suspect he's in an active growth phase.
He uses the cat box faithfully, and I've noticed he's very fastidious about covering up the evidence.

He's very affectionate and wants lots of attention, which is fine with me. He doesn't vocalize at all but he purrs loudly and often. He has good play behavior (doesn't use his teeth or claws) but as you warned, he does communicate by biting lightly sometimes as all cats tend to do. I've started training him not to and expect he'll grown out of it.

I've decided to call him Rusty and he already answers to name. We're getting along great so far but if I have any questions or concerns, I'll likely consult you if I have any questions or concerns. Hope all is well and I wish you a wonderful holiday season.
Kitails Siberians Caramel Fudge
Cocoa-Rusty-Owner Bona B.
Caramel Fudge-Owner Xi S.

Chocolate Factory II

Kitails Siberians Snickers
Kitails Siberians Bon Bon
Kitails Siberians Smores
Snickers-Stormy-Owner Tara B. Bon Bon-Owner Swati M. Smores-Scout-Owner Ashely L.

Chocolate Factory III
Kitails Siberians Fudge
Kitails Siberians Baby Ruth
Kitails Siberians Hershey
Fudge-Yuzu-Owner Misbah D.
Baby Ruth-Owner Tricia M.
Hershey-Chef Ramsey-Owner Tom W.

Chocolate Factory IV
Kitails Siberians Twix
Kitails Siberians Wonka
Kitails Siberian Krackle
Twix-Owner Deb U. Wonka-Owner Tom W. Krackle-Dixon-Owner Anna Y.
"Dear Pat, Twix (we kept her kitails name) has been with us for almost a month now and we are so happy 😊 she represents the Siberian breed well. she is so smart! and such a lovable purr-ball. thank you for such a positive journey of learning and laughter in your adoption process. we're so happy we found you!
warm regards, Jim and Deb U"

Hi Patricia & John,
Krackle is adapting really well to the new environment....We have to keep an eye out for him so he doesn't get into the treats haha. He's so playful and curious toward Mason, but it's like Mason doesn't realize how much bigger he is, so we're still trying to teach him to play nice with his new brother. Here's a photo and a video of them hanging out this morning. Enjoy!

The Cat's Meow I

Kitails Siberians Yata

Kitails Siberian Anu Kitails Siberians Gato
Yata-Owner Elizabeth D. Anu-Leo-Owner Antonia B. Gato-Owner Judy C.

Kitails Siberian Katzchen Katzchen-Penny-Owner Judy C.-left

The Cat's Meow II

Furbaby-Owner Greg K.-right

Kitails Siberians Furbaby

Kitails Siberians Yogi bear
Kitails Siberians Boo Boo Kitails Siberians Ranger
Yogi Bear-Owner Elziabeth D. Boo Boo-Stays at Kitails Ranger-Owner Lauren B.
Kitails Siberians Daisey The Pic a Nic Basket Kittens

 Daisey-Female- Owner Jocelyn S.
Lady Bug-Female-Owner Hongling H.
Kitails Siberians LadyBug

The life of a kitten is in your hands when you take one of these sweet bundles home. Many people start out with good intentions of caring for them all their life, but then along the way some feel that kittie isn't so important anymore. A cat can live for 25 yrs. or more. Please take into consideration that along the way you will need to get regular vet check-ups and medical care. If you do not think you can afford to pay for this, consider getting pet insurance. It usually costs about $200.00 a year, which may be cheaper than one visit to the vet. Pet Insurance at Life's Abundance Although it is not a requirement you should seriously consider it. If you don't think you can afford pet insurance, then perhaps you should consider whether or not you will really be able to afford a cat/kitten because just like you, they need to be seen by a doctor and need medical care.

Along the way you may run into problems with litter box usage, or furniture scratching, or moving, or injury, or sickness, or finacial problems, and the golden years of old age, of your Siberian. Are you prepared to take care of this kitten in all situations? Please think it through and talk about it with family members. If the answer is no to any of these questions... please don't adopt this kitten. They are entirely dependent on their owners for food, shelter, and medical care. We have loved them from birth and don't want them to go to a home where someone has neglected, abused, or abandoned them to a shelter or just dumped them somewhere to fend for themselves. Adopting a Siberian should be

for the ENTIRE LIFE of the Kitten/Cat.

Please be a responsible pet owner

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