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Our Available Kittens and Up-coming Litters are Below and marked as available:

Please Follow the Steps to Adoption

Please Do Not call, text, or use the contact form to ask about kittens.

This will Not get you a kitten any faster.

I have a ton of cat work to do, in order to keep your kitten healthy and growing.

Please, use the application to get a kitten, please.

Please follow the Steps To Adoption

Four things for the health of your cat:

1- have pet insurance.
2-make your own food-see the food page.
3-clean and disinfect the litter box very day.
 4-use the brushless water additives for their teeth.


Our Available Kittens and Up-coming Litters are Below and marked as available:

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* Haley and Dorefey's Apple Fest I kittens

Apple Pie
Apple Pie-Black Tabby-Female

Female Kittens are $1,800.00 plus $450.00 for altering.
Male Kittens are
$1,800.00   plus $350.00  for altering.

Apple Strudel
Apple Strudel-Blue Golden Classic-Male-Available

Female Kittens are $1,800.00 plus $450.00 for altering.
Male Kittens are
$1,800.00   plus $350.00  for altering.

*Paris and Summer Apple Fest IV  DOB 9/7/21- ready 11/30/21
Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble-Black Smoke Tortie-Female- Available

Female Kittens are $1,800.00 plus $450.00 for altering.
Male Kittens are
$1,800.00   plus $350.00  for altering.

Apple Dumpling
Apple Dumpling-Black Smoke Tortie-Female-Reserved for Jocelyn S.

Female Kittens are $1,800.00 plus $450.00 for altering.
Male Kittens are
$1,800.00   plus $350.00  for altering.

Apple Jack
Apple Jack-Black Smoke-Male-Reserved for Evelyn M. (breeder wait list- they get first choice)

Female Kittens are $1,800.00 plus $450.00 for altering.
Male Kittens are
$1,800.00   plus $350.00  for altering.

Apple Juicw
Apple Juice- Red/Silver Spotted-Female- Available

Female Kittens are $1,800.00 plus $450.00 for altering.
Male Kittens are
$1,800.00   plus $350.00  for altering.

Apple Turnover

Apple Turnover-Black Smoke-Male- Available

Female Kittens are $1,800.00 plus $450.00 for altering.
Male Kittens are
$1,800.00   plus $350.00  for altering.

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Below are the next litters that will be available for adopttion:

*December kittens will cost more because many people wait for December looking for a
Christmas kitten and most people will not find one that is available-leaving fall and summer kittens unadopted

*Snowy and Dorefey had kittens 5 kittens 10/7/21 -ready 12/16/21

*Daisy and Porsche had kittens-01/15/21-ready 1/7/21

We are taking applications, doing classes, and starting a wait list
for these kittens now.

Black/Brown/Goldens do not stay the same color.
The color changes as they grow to look anywhere from like the color of Happy to Haley to Dorefey, to  Finn

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Life of a Breeder

Breeding is a lot of work and breeders often get little respect for all their hours of research
and learning and care they give their animals.

Breeding is not easy. Rescues think you add to problems of animal abandonment when it is
the  owners that abandon their animals not breeders.

Rescues promote the idea that breeders are bad people and that because we breed we are part
of the problem of a society that throws away their pets. Breeders for the most part are not the
ones who are putting pets into shelters or in a situation where an animal is in need of a rescue.

Some owners who live in a rented dwelling adopt animals that the landlord will not allow
and then the animal winds up in a shelter when the landlord makes them get rid of their pet.

Or an owner simple does not want to take care of a pet anymore. Some reasons are : they are moving,
the animal has a medical issue that they don't want to pay for or it is old, the pet has not been properly
trained and now they don't want to deal with the behavior.

People don't always have a true commitment to their pets. Breeders are blamed for the FACT that
owners do not keep and take care of their pets for life. If you don't breed and place kittens responsibly
you will add to throw away kittens and cats and the death of some because owners may not follow
through and take care of them. They will leave their responsiblity on someone else's shoulders, with the
animal  paying the price-  life in a shelter- and sometimes leading to its death.

Adopting shelter animals is good, but everyone should  be able to make their own choice.
The spay/nueter programs have been so effective that animals you see in sheleters may have
been imported from other areas of the country or even other countries. The typical mutt basically
does not exsist anymore. That is why we mostly see pure bred animals up for adoption because
breeders have become almost the only source for a family pet other than a shelter animal/rescue
animal. The typical mutt or house cat is almost no exsistent.

Breeding is expensive and you may not make much of a profit but, go into a lot of debt.
Money made will barely cover your food bills at times. And prices are always going up.

People will gripe about the cost of a kitten and expect you to spend a lot of money on health care, so
they can get a perfectly healthy kitten and the breeder never makes any money or very little.

For pet owners there are options like pet insurance and if you are low income there are programs for vet assistance.
If, you are a breeder there is no pet insurance that will help cover your medical costs and there is no low income
assistance. You are on your own and no one will help you with medical expenses. This is why you find breeders that
have sick animals or animals that need care and don't get it.

If, some genetic issue becomes apparent the owners will blame the breeder- like we can predict every
genetic issues that a kitten/cat may encounter. And like we have enough money to even check for all the
expensive gentic tests. Or the ability to keep anaimal from getting them.

If, some genteic issue becomes apparent then all the time and money you spent searching for an
purchasing a breeding kitten are lost and you must start looking all over again because this breeding animal can
no longer breed. It must be retied. This can take months and sometimes years to replace a breeding animal.
Sometimes this leaves a breeder without male for her female to breed with.

When a female does not breed often enough she will get infections in her uterus, so a breeder may lose
the females also because they will have to be spayed to stop the infection and save her life.

Many vets will point fingers at breeders as soon as there is a problem even though the problem often is
not the fault of the breeder. Kittens/cats can pick up pathogens from food and the enviroment after they
leave the breeding facility and while at the vet's office. It takes three days for an infection to show up, so
why would it be the breeder's fault, if something happens weeks or months after the kitten leaves?

It is frustrating at times. It is a lot of dirty work and may destroy some of
your property and make your house stink. You can get scarred up from scratches. It is time
consuming and will tie you down every day with work. There are no days off as breeder.
The animals need daily care and will sometimes keep you up all night and running to the vet
for emergency and other care. You will need genetic knowledge, medical knowledge, animal
care knowledge, and salesman ship skills. You will have to test people for allergies, answer
tons of emails, and have your phone ring off the hook. You will work all hours of every day.
Not to mention building a web site, maintaining it, keeping books for tax purposes, filling
out forms, dealing with those who are trying to scam you or waste your time. There are blue
papers, pedigrees, and cattery registrations to pay for. People like to buy kitten from show
lines, so there more money going out to get the titles, along with the risk of bringing
some disease home from the show. You will need a contract drawn up. Your breeding cats
will need testing for various diseases and yearly check-ups. There are yearly shots due for
them and sometimes they will die in labor or from some other illness.
You will watch a kitten die every now and then. You will spend money trying to help any
sick or injured kittens.

People will expect you to be totally honest with them about the health of a kitten while
some may not be so honest with you about various things. You may have kittens returned
to you and monies to refund or court cases to pursue. There is grooming: brushing, teeth,
and nails.

A situation with a breeder can turn bad. If you place your kitten with them and they
don't take care of them you will feel horribly guilty for trusting them to begin with. What
if their breeding program turns into a kitten mill?

What if they start selling the offspring of your kittens or their own kittens, to other breeders
and create an over abundance of breeders. If, that happens you won't be able to sell your

People say they value their animals but, when it comes to spending money to buy them,
most want to get away with as little money as possible. The reality is that breeders do
not have enough money for basic care because people want cheap pets that cost a LOT of
MONEY to raise.

So, then you have the people who think that if they bully you enough then their cats
medical issues are all your fault and they want you to pay for it. This is when you want to just
stop breeding all together. What part of this is your cat did the owners not connect...?
say their pets are like family. Do, you take your children back to the hospital, where they were born
and get the arefund if they are sick..? This is not the responisbility of your breeder. Do you have
health insrance for yourself and family? If, your pet is a part of your family, do you have Pet Insurance?

Tru Panion has a take home day insurance policy that you can get if your vet has an account
with them. Ask your vet to get one. Then your pet is cover on the very first day that you bring it

In order for a breeder to survive and breed, most work two jobs!!! They
breed and work another job. One job to support themselves and the cats with, the breeding
money also going to support the cats. Most breeders will never make any money for all
their hard work.

Pet owners want cheap pets when is actually costs and lot of money and time to produce a
kitten. Buying supplies is expensive. The Pet Industry and vets benefit because of breeders.
We supply the pets that they make money on. We show our costumers their  products without
any compensation. There are very few breeder programs and the few that do exsist give very
little help to breeders and vets do not cut us a break either. A breeder can go without pay for
months only to have to buy all kinds of supplies with money that does come in.

Most breeders never make any money at all. And some breeders will under cut your prices and
cause you to have an even harder time producing healhty kittens.

If, breeders were Construction workers or Drs or Office Workers or anyone whom you had to pay a
salary to your pet would cost far more because they have to support themselves. No one should work
for free as many of us do because there is always someone willing to sell you a cheap kitten and under
cut prices and make it hard for everyone.

Do you know that it costs about $95-$160.0 an hr to get your heater cleaned and a breeder works
4-10 hrs a day 7 days a week for 5-6 months to produce a kitten for about $1,000.00? What wrong
with this picture?

A typical kitten should cost around $2-3,000.00  This would give a breeder enough money for medical
care, food, cat litter, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, maintance of cat scratches, toys, show
money, money for registration papers, ect. This would give us, breeders working one job and having
more time for cat duties and healthier kittens instead of breeders who work another job and do cat
chores when they get home. It would also cut down on the amount of kitten mills and animals bought
and thrown away. But this still not be enough to be considered a job with good salary that one can
depend on or live on. Being a breeder is just as much a as any other job and breeders desreve to be paid f
or the work that they do.

A new car payment can cost about $150-$200 a month. Burger King for 4 people can cost $30-$40 or more.
The trip to Disney or a vacation can cost thousands and we always find money to pay for these things.

So, don't be hypocritical and say you love animals and then do not really look for their best interests  please
instead of looking for the cheapest pet you can find, for the health of kittens and the work that goes into
producing a kitten, start a savings a fund and save for your pet. A good breeder is worth the money
and so is te health of the animals in their care.

I once heard someone say this"We were looking a pet named Smucker who cost $3,000.  I said to them his name
might Smucker, but I am no sucker."
We as breeders and your pet that you love should be worth our time and effort.

Lets' put out there a really grossly under estimated hourly schedule and cost estimate for a breeder.
5hr a day x 7 days a week= 35 hrs
at say $10 and hr= $350 a week
Food for cats for one week-say $175
Suppliments to keep them healty for the week- $30
Litter for the week- $60
Cleaning supplies and water bill and trash bill- $40
Cattery supplies varies- 0 - $100
Medical emergency- $400- $2,000- there is no pet insurance for breeders and even if there were we couldn't afford it
Medical supplies- $20
+20=$325 a week for up keep of animals
Photo shoots fo kitten picture takes about 8 to 12 hrs to set up, take, process, and then post
Processing an applicaion takes about an hour and then communicating with applicants takes hours
Updating the websites more hours
We make about $0 an hour if there is no medical emergency (which we can't afford insurance for).

And did I even mention the water and electric bill and depreciation on my house because I am a breeder?!

The price of a puppy vs the price of a kitten.
Many people pay way more for a puppy then they do for a kitten.
Because they are smaller...? Not a good reason and there are dogs that are no bigger than a cat.
Puppies are a lot of work, but raising kittens is even more work and it is harder.
Dogs can have 2 itters a year and the same is for cats.
Puppies leave at 8 weeks-usually needing potty training.
Kittens leave at 12 weeks-usually litter trained already.
Therefore a kitten should Not Cost Less than a puppy.

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All photos on this site are property of Kitails and may not be used without express written consent from Kitails.

Kitails Siberian Cattery 2005 through 2021

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>^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<>^..^<>^..^< >^..^<>^..^<

>^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<>^..^< >^..^<>^..^<>^..^< >^..^<>^..^<

Step 1-Please Submit the Application to Adopt a Kitten and get it Approved

Kitails Application

If, you are waiting for a response and haven't seen one, please check your spam folder.

Please do not wait until the last minute to apply. It may take a few weeks or months to get to the adoption stage.


Step 2- Attend a Zoom Kitten Care Class

Zoom Class Fee-$35.00 Non-Refundable is due before the Zoom Class.

Once your application is approved and class fee has been paid I will add you to a Zoom Class.

Choosing of kittens goes in the order that a family attends a class.

Class Information

Class is: Learning about the care of your Siberian. The class is not just for
those with allergies. This class is for
It teaches such basic care as:
nail clipping vs declawing, grooming, nutritional needs, growing patterns,
litter box issues, in door vs outdoor
cats, vaccinations schedules, parasite
control, ect. A fur sample will be mailed
to you for testing at home.

A class may be canceled at times.

Each class can have
different families attending.

All immediate family members on your application should attend. Please try to attend a class that is being filled.

Class Schedule

After attending the kitten care class your family may be added to the wait list, in the same order that your family has been listed for the class.

This Zoom Class is open: 12/2/21 6:30-8:30pm Aleydis S., Amber C.

This Zoom Class is open: 12/9//21 6:30-8:30pm Yara B., Nicole B.

This Zoom Class is open: 12/16//21 6:30-8:30pm
This Zoom Class is open: 12/23/21 6:30-8:30pm


Step 3-Wait List

Present Wait List:
Is for those who want one of the posted kittens. There is no fee for this list. People on this list are the ones I am mainly working with.

#1 Paula W.-Reserved Apple Farro

#2 Hongling H.-waiting to see the rest of Apple Fest IV

Applications for the these litters are being  processed in November/December

Future Kitten Wait List:
Means these are people are on the wait list, but want a kitten from another litter. There is a $100.00 non-refundable fee to be on this list. This is not a deposit on a kitten, but will be applied to the adoption fee if a kitten is chosen. If, you are on this list, you are responsible for contacting me if, there is a kitten you are interested in.

Those who have adopted from Kitails before (whose names may not appear on either wait list) are also responsible for contacting me if, they want to adopt a second kitten.

#1 Tatiana

#2 Amy B.

#3 Denise C.

#4 Lisa M.-2 females

#5 Joycelyn S.

#6 Liz M.-cat

#7 Heidi

#8 Jane D.

#8 Caitlin Cellier-Seal Lynx

When Breeders are on the
wait list
: they get first pick
because the best kittens are needed
in order to keep the Siberian breed
at its b

I also reserve the right to put on hold a kitten that I am considering for my breeding program.

On Hold means that a kitten is being considered for a breeding program. This
can mean our breeding program or that of another breeder. A kitten on hold may
become available again.


Step 4-Choosing of Kittens

A kitten/cat will be marked as reserved when a family makes their choice. Your Commitment Fee is due at this time, so I can schedule an appointment with the vet for altering. The Commitment Fee pays for the altering of your kitten.

Choosing of kittens goes in the order that you attend a kitten care class and are listed on the wait list.

Please don't ask to come to choose a kitten in person. Kittens can be seen during Zoom Classes.This may sound harsh, but we are not a petting zoo.

If it is your turn to choose, you should choose within about 3 days. If, I have no decsion from you within 3 days, of emailng you about choosing your kitten, I will move on to the next family on the wait list. We need to be considerate of all those on the wait list.

You will be holding up the other families on
the wait list and delaying the altering of the kittens, if you do not choose within 3 days.
The kittens may not be ready to come home at 12 weeks.

*Kittens at this age they do not show enough personality to say much about them.
We do not email individual pics to anyone.

* Once a kitten is altered it doesn't really matter if you choose a boy or girl. They no longer have the gender
related issues that an unaltered kitten/cat would have. They are basically all the same after altering.

* It is a myth that certain colors or genders have lower FeL-D1 levels.

*Please do not ask for the altering of your kitten to take place at a time different from when I can get them in to my vet because of a birthday, holiday, vacation, work schedule, etc.

Step 5- Set Up Appointments

*Get Pet Insurance-one visit to the vet can cost more than the yearly insurance fee. Ask your vet to to get a Tru Panion account, so that you can get take home day insurance. This pet insurance covers your kitten from day 1.

*Schedule your pick-up and Follow the pick-up instructions.

Please do not visit Kitails after visiting other catteries or if you have sick animals
or if you or a family member are sick.

*Schedule a Wellness visit with your vet.


Step 6-Take Home Instructions

Kitails kittens go home at 11-12 weeks because they are altered at about 10 weeks and need time to heal
after altering is done. They are also not socially ready to leave their mother until they are 11-12 weeks old.


Your kitten comes with its first shot.

Kittens should receive a series of  3 distemper shots as kittens at 8, 12, and 16 weeks, and a rabies at 16

These shots are repeated at one year and every three years after that.

Your Kittie should be checked for parasites every six months or you can just do a dewomer bought from
your local pet supply store every six months. Dewormers are done twice- two weeks apart. If, needed
they can be done a third time, but still need to wait two weeks again before giving the third dose.

They should recieve a yearly check-up to look for problems.

They should have their teeth cleaned by the vet every three years, so you schedule an appointment for shots and teeth at the same time.


Step 7-Please be a responsible pet owner

The life of a kitten is in your hands when you take one of these sweet bundles home.

Many people start out with good intentions of caring for them all their life, but then along
the way some feel that kittie isn't so important anymore. A cat can live for 25 yrs. or more
Being a kitten is a small part of this 25 years of life.

Please take into consideration that along the way you will need to get regular vet check-ups
and medical care. If you do not think you can afford to pay for this, consider getting Pet Insurance.
It usually costs about $200.00 a year, which may be cheaper than one visit to the vet.

Although it is not a requirement you should seriously consider it.
If you don't think you can afford pet insurance, then perhaps you
should consider
whether or
not you will really be able to afford a cat/kitten because just like you they
need to be seen by a
doctor and need medical care.

Along the way you may run into problems with litter box usage, or furniture scratching,
or moving, or injury, or sickness, or
financial problems, and the golden years of old age, of your
Are you prepared to take care of this kitten/cat in all situations?

Kitten Care Button

Please think it through and talk about it with family members.
If the answer is no to any of these questions... please don't adopt this kitten.
They are entirely dependent on their owners for food, shelter, and medical care.

No one wants a pet to be neglected, abused, or abandoned them to a shelter or just dumped them somewhere to fend for themselves. Adopting a Siberian should be f
or the ENTIRE LIFE of the kitten/cat.

If, you need to rehome your Siberian, please contact me.


About our kittens and cats

Our cats are tested for HCM-PKD-FeLV-FIV-FIP-Herpes-Feline Distemper- and other genentic issues

Your kitten comes with kitten contract, first shot, has been dewormed, spay/neuter, and vet record.