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  There is a $30.00 non-refundable visiting fee that must be paid to attend a testing/class day. Everyone must attend the testing/class day.  You will be with my Siberians for 1-2 hours and learn the basics of cat/kitten care. If someone reacts to the Siberians the $30.00 non-refundable visitng fee is still good for two years. This will give you time to improve your allergy situation. You may attend any testing/class day to retest during the two years period. My home is only open on a testing/class day and is open only to those with an appointment. This gives us privacy and helps keep our cats/kittens healthy.


Kitails is not a replacement for your allergist. If you need allergy testing to see if you are allergic to cats please go to your allergist. Allergy testing at Kitails is simply spending time with the Siberian cats to see if it is possible for you to live with one. If you test you are agreeing that you will be testing at your own risk and at your own request to be with our Siberians. If you are coming for testing you must bring all your allergy/asthma medications. You must also bring a clean change of clothing in case of reaction (this way you will be able to get the allergen off your clothes). If you have an allergic reaction you can wash your face and hands and change your clothing before leaving , if you choose to do so.

Please be ready for a kitten/cat care learning experience while you are at Kitails. We want you to know the basics of kitten/cat care and will give you a good start.

Please do not ask to visit the kittens on any day other than the day of your appointment. This may sound harsh, but we are not a petting zoo.

Kitails does not ship kittens/cats.

If you want a kitten/cat from Kitails you must come to Massachusetts.

Notice: Giving incorrect or misleading infromation will result in a rejected application. No information given to Kitails is used for any purpose other than to make a decision about the acceptance or rejection of an applicant. We do not sell or share any of the information given here. ALL fields are required to be filled out. Giving a work email address instead of a personal email address may result in missed emails if your company flags my email as spam. It is therefore best to give your personal email address.

You must 18 years of age or older to apply.


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Kitten/Cat Care Information

Allergies (Yes/No) Please list all pet (including dog) and enviromental allergies

Active Military/Reserves (Yes/No)

Frequent travel (Yes/No)

Where will this kitten/cat be kept during the daytime?

Where will this kitten/cat be kept during the nightime?

How many hours a day will the kitten/cat be without human contact?

How many hours a day will kitten/cat be outside?

Will this cat/kitten be declawed?

What is the purpose the adoption? Pet /Mouser/ Show Alter/ Breeder/ Gift

List both Past and Present Pets

Describe what happened to previous pets.

Explain what you know about the Siberian Cat.

Are you looking for a Cat or Kitten?

Do you want to test and adopt from Kitails/ test and adopt from another breeder/ undecided? 

Male or Female or no preference?

Color preference?

Additional Comments:

By submitting this application you are giving Kitails permission verify all information given. Kitails reserves the right to accept or reject an application or an adoption.

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