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This is Novy Vek Lisette and Kitails Porche
The Lion King Litter

Kiara KittenKiara KittenKiara Kitten
Kiara-Female-Golden Seal Lynx-Available
DOB 2/23/19
Ready 5/12/19

Kitails Sophia Tanya and Volzhskaya Krasa Dorefey
The Blue Velvet Litter
Blubell Kitten 1Blubell Kitten 2Blubell Kitten 3Blubell Kitten 4
Bluebell-Blue Smoke Tortie
DOB 3/6/19
Ready 5/29/19

Bonnie Kitten 1Bonnie Kitten 2Bonnie Kitten 3Bonnie Kitten 4Bonnie-Blue/Silver Mackerel Tortie
Female-Under Observation for Kitails
DOB 3/6/19
Ready 5/29/19

Kitails Alyssia Everheart and Kitails Porche-
The Seven Dwarfs Litter
Bashful Kittenbashful kitten 2Bashful kitten 3Bashful kitten 4
Bashful-Red/Golden Classic
DOB 3/21/19
Ready 6/13/19

Doc Kitten 2Doc Kitten 1Doc Kitten 3Doc Kitten 4
Doc-Red/Golden Classic-Male- Reserved for Michelle T.
DOB 3/21/19
Ready 6/13/19

Alyssia Baby Pics
Sleepy Kitten 1Sleepy Kitten 2Sleepy Kitten 3Sleepy Kitten 4
Sleepy-Blue Smoke Tortie
DOB 3/21/19
Ready 6/13/19

Alyssia Baby Pics
Sneezy Kitten 1Sneezy Kitten 2Sneezy Kitten 3Sneezy Kitten 4
Mackerel Sunshine
Female- Available
DOB 3/21/19
Ready 6/13/19

Grumpy Kitten 1Grumpy Kitten 2
Grumpy Kitten 3Grumpy Kitten 4
Grumpy-Classic Sunshine-Female
DOB 3/21/19
Stays at Kitails

Happy2 Kitten 1Happy2 Kitten 2
Happy2 Kitten 3Happy2 Kitten 4
Happy-Classic Sunshine-Male
DOB 3/21/19
Stays at Kitails

Dopey Kitten 1Dopey Kitten 2Dopey Kitten 3Dopey Kitten 4
Blue Mackerel Tortie-Female
DOB 3/21/19
Stays at Kitails

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Pet Kittens are $1,200.00  plus $300.00 male- $400.00 female- for altering.

Show Alters are $1,400.00  plus  $300.00 male- $400.00 female-for altering.

Breeders are $ 1,600.00 -cost FeLV and FIV testing is included. Any other

testing requested would be paid by the buyer.

No pet or show alter kitten leaves without being altered.

Your kitten comes with kitten contract, first shot, has been dewormed, spay/neuter


Kitails will post information for all to
read on the kitten page as information is available.

Kitten pics are usually posted at five

Choosing of kittens is usually from the pics or during class.

Kittens at this age do not show enough personality to say much about them.
We do not email individual pics to anyone.

Please do not ask to visit the kittens on
any day other than the day of your appointment
. This may sound harsh, but
we are not a petting zoo.

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Why kittens go home after twelve weeks? 

Kitails kittens go home at 12-13 weeks because they are altered at about 10 weeks and need time to heal
after altering is done. They are also not socially ready to leave their mother until they are 12 weeks old.

* Once a kitten is altered it doesn't really matter if you choose a boy or girl. They no longer have the gender
related issues that an unaltered kitten/cat would have. They are basically all the same after altering.

* It is a myth that certain colors or genders have lower FeL-D1 levels.
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Your kitten comes with its first shot.

Kittens should receive a series of  3 distemper shots as kittens at 8, 12, and 16 weeks, and a rabies at 16

These shots are repeated at one year and every three years after that.

Your Kittie should be checked for parasites every six months or you can just do a dewomer bought from
your local pet supply store every six months. Dewormers are done twice- two weeks apart. If, needed
they can be done a third time, but still need to wait two weeks again before giving the third dose.

They should recieve a yearly check-up to look for problems.

They should have their teeth cleaned by the vet every three years.

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Please be a responsible pet owner

The life of a kitten is in your hands when you take one of these sweet bundles home.
Many people start out with good intentions of caring for them all their life, but then along
the way some feel that kittie isn't so important anymore. A cat can live for 25 yrs. or more
Being a kitten is a small part of this 25 years of life.

Please take into consideration that along the way you will need to get regular vet check-ups
and medical care. If you do not think you can afford to pay for this, consider getting pet insurance.
It usually costs about $200.00 a year, which may be cheaper than one visit to the vet.

Pet Health Insurance

Although it is not a requirement you should seriously consider it.
If you don't think you can afford pet insurance, then perhaps you
should consider
whether or
not you will really be able to afford a cat/kitten because just like you they
need to be seen by a
doctor and need medical care.

Along the way you may run into problems with litter box usage, or furniture scratching,
or moving, or injury, or sickness, or
financial problems, and the golden years of old age, of your
Are you prepared to take care of this kitten/cat in all situations?

Kitten Care Button

Please think it through and talk about it with family members.
If the answer is no to any of these questions... please don't adopt this kitten.
They are entirely dependent on their owners for food, shelter, and medical care.
We have loved them from birth and don't want t
hem to go to a home where someone has
neglected, abused, or abandoned them to a shelter or just dumped them somewhere to fend for
themselves. Adopting a Siberian should be f
or the ENTIRE LIFE of the kitten/cat.

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All photos on this site are property of Kitails and may not be used without express written consent from Kitails.

Kitails Siberian Cattery Copy Right 2005 through 2019

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Class Schedule
   and information

Your family will  be placed on our wait list, in the order that your family comes to class.

Our wait list is usually super short to none exsist because we do not take deposits.

If, you are waiting for a response and haven't seen one, please check your spam folder.


A $30.00 non- refundable visiting
fee is due on Kitten Care Class/
Testing Day.
(This is not a down payment on a kitten or a deposit)

It takes a lot of effort to get ready for class, do the class, and then
clean up after class


Class is: Learning about the care of your Siberian. The class is not just for
those with allergies. This class is for
It teaches such basic care as:
nail clipping vs declawing, grooming, nutritional needs, growing patterns,
litter box issues, in door vs outdoor
cats, vaccinations schedules, parasite
control, ect.

Testing is: spending time with the
Siberians to see if you react to them.
Siberians are not hypo-allergenic for


Each class can have up to 3-4
families attending. All immedaite family members on your application should attend. Please try to attend a class that is being filled.

Unless otherwise stated, choosing of kittens goes in the order you come to class.

Classes are held

Saturday 9:30- 11:30am

Next testing/class day is:


This class is Open: Saturday
9:30-11:30am Tatiana S. 


This class is Open: Saturday


This class is Open: Saturday


This class is Open: Saturday


This class is Open: Saturday


This class is Open: Saturday
6/22/19 1


This class is Open: Saturday



We do not ship kittens. You must pick them up in person


You must have: an approved
application and be listed here, to attend a class or adopt from Kitails.

Please do not visit Kitails after visiting other catteries
or if you have sick animals
or if you or a family member are


A class may be canceled at times.

Please do not wait until the last minute to apply. It may take 1-4 weeks or longer to get from application approval to a testing/class day, to altering your kitten, to pick-up day.


Waiting List: The choosing of kittens goes in the order that you attend class to a kitten care class.

A kitten/cat will be marked as reserved when a family makes their choice. Your Commitment Fee is due at this time, so I can schedule appointmenst with the vet for altering. The Commitment Fee pays for the altering of your kitten.

If it is your turn to choose, you have 3 days to make your choice.

If it is your turn and you don't make your choice in that time period I will allow the next family to begin making their choice.
need to be considerate of all on the list.

You do not have to choose a kitten from the current litter. You may wait for another  kitten from up to five litters from the date when you you tested. If, you have not chossen a kitten after five litters your name will be removed from the wait list. Your name will also be removed from the wait list if, you do not repsond to emails informimg you that is your turn to choose a kitten.

Removal does not mean that you can no longer choose a kitten. It means that I will not actively email you.

If, you have an approved application and have been to class you can email me if, you are looking for a kitten.

When Breeders are on the
wait list
: they get first pick
because the best kittens are needed
in order to keep the Siberian breed
at its b

I also reserve the right to put on hold a kitten that I am considering for my breeding program.

1 Breeder is now on the wait list.

On Hold means that a kitten is being considered for a breeding program. This
can mean our breeding program or that of another breeder. A kitten on hold may
become available again.