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Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

                                                                     Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance.

Urinating and deficating outside the box:

Usually means that your cat is sick.

They do not want their germs to contaminate the box. They need their boxes washed with bleach and water on a daily basis.

They need to go to the vet to be checked for a UTI or some other infection.

For cats that are nervous or anxious:

It usually shows in not wanting to be held or touched, hiding, hissing, and sometimes this includes biting.

There are calmimg chews and a liquid water additives that can be used on a sometime or daily basis.

This page is being re-done so, check back and see what pops up.

The sites address behavioral issues:

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