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Want to do the very best thing for the health of your cat?

                                                                     Four things; make your own food, clean the litter box very day, and use the brushless water additives for their teeth, have pet insurance.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

Outdoor: Many people feel that an outdoor cat is happier. They can roam freely, chase birds and butterflies, climb trees, ect. They also like the fact that the cat will be going to the bathroom outside and they won't have so much cat box cleaning to do. They feel that outside is a natural place for a cat to be.

Indoor: Many people feel that an indoor cat is healthier and protected from all the dangers of being outside. They feel allowing your pet to beOUTSIDE IS A NO-NO! Outside your kittie is in danger of picking up ticks, fleas, ear m ites , mange, parasites, viruses, bacteria, Fel ine Lukiemia , and ringworm from the ground. The cat may bring home dead animals carrying disease- birds with mites/viruses- mice with bacteria. Your kittie is also in danger from other animals, (cats, dogs, and wild animals that like to eat cats for dinner), people, and cars. Kids can do very cruel things to cats. Neighbors who don't like your cat urinating in their yard may poison your cat. The cat may be picked up and taken to a shelter. In October there are groups who look for cat sacrifices. They can get lost (man y become part of the ferral population of cats) or stolen by someone who wants a free Kittie for themselves or someone may want them for a research laboratory . In winter an a cat can become literally frozen to the ground it lays on. They may even climb up under the hood of a warm car that has been turned off and die when the owner unknowingly starts the car again. Outside cats will not live with you as long as an cat that lives indoors.

Then there is indoor/outdoor...

If, your Cat Gets Out

Cat can fall out screens in windows so always open your windows for the top. They are less likely to fall through the screen this way.

If, your cat gets out it is probably in your yard somewhere.  Get a larger carrier and put its food, water, and litter box in it. Of, it is cold put a heat reflective blanket and then a regular blanket over the carrier and a towel wit a heat reflective blanket folded inside of  the towel, to help keep the cat warm. Make sure to change the water everyday.



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